Camper Customization Is What We Do!

high durability Custom truck camper

Customization is what makes our Phoenix custom campers so great! Our advantage is that our customers are able to customize their pop up camper with their own style and personality, creating the best customized truck campers in Colorado! We will make sure to fit every need and do our best to satisfy any demand our customers might have. We have […]

We Have Many Years Of Camper Building Experience

At Phoenix Pop Up Campers we started building campers in 1988, but before that, the camper building family business already existed with Four Wheel Campers since the early 70′s until the late 80′s. In 2007 our company started to expand considerably by revolutionizing truck camper design with the first fully interactive custom ordering process, and incorporating new technology in camper […]

Phoenix Pop Up: Building Custom Campers Since 1988

Experience And Quality At Your Service Phoenix Pop Up Campers started production in 1988, but our experience on building off roading campers started before that in the early 70′s with our family camper building business. By the year 2007 we delivered the first fully interactive custom ordering process; and we incorporated new and more advanced technology in custom camper […]