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Spending New Year’s Eve Camping In a Pop Up Camper

It’s possible that you spend your New Year’s Eve partying on someone’s rooftop or some trendy bar in the city apple shop, but when you’re doing the same thing every year, it can get a bit mundane and boring, can’t it?

You can’t even decide to stay in. Some friend or family member will always convince you to spend at least some time outside for maybe one drink. And before you know it, that one drink turns into a few hours of drinks, and you have spent a few hundred on club entry fees and two more for one drink specials.

Let’s step away for a while and go for some New Year’s Eve camping this time.

But what do you bring with you on a New Year’s Eve camping trip? Here are a few things that can liven up camping in a pop-up camper

Bring On the Champagne

slide-in pop up camper
What better way to start your New Years than by sitting under the stars and watching the fireworks.

How is it even possible to celebrate New Year’s Eve without just a bit of the bubbly? It’s a necessity at this point.  Pack a bottle of champagne. Or, if you like sparkling cider or wine, then pack some of that.

Champagne Flutes 

Now that you have gotten the champagne, you need something to pour that into, right? Or, if you want to keep it completely low-key, you can even pack a bunch of mugs to keep them feeling cozy and warm.

Once you have gathered all these necessary party supplies for New Year’s camping trip in your pop-up camper, we’re all set and ready to go. How does camping in a pop-up camper sound now?

If you have more questions regarding pop-up campers, have a look at FAQs. You can also build your own pop-up camper right here.