RV lifestyle: Getting back to nature and feeling free

So what exactly is a RV lifestyle?


RV lifestyle is a vast term that is defined, perhaps, depending upon on your perspective. In general, this lifestyle is for those of us interested in traveling and camping – getting back to nature and feeling freedom – rather than living permanently in one location. But it’s also for those of us who work all year, and work hard, to get to enjoy vacations… We are commonly referred to as RVers.

RV lifestyleMuch more than just a Recreational Vehicle…

To RVers, RV lifestyle means “Relaxing Vacations” and “Recreational Vacation”. RV is also ‘’Roaming Vacation’’ wandering all over the US and the world… To some of us it is home, full time or part time. To most, it’s a lifestyle that surpasses all expectations. And for you? 

Who are the RVers?

The RVers are people who enjoy RV lifestyle. There are different subcultures depending on RVers interests and available time. It is common for retirees to opt for the RVers lifestyle, other individuals and families chose RV travel as a way to see parts of the world while maintaining their incomes via technology available from the RV.

If you have considered joining the RV culture, here are some terms that may help:

The Fulltimers: People who live full-time in their RV

Great parks rv tripsThe workampers: People who work and live in their RV parks or who work at businesses close, many are seasonal workers.

The Burning Man: A growing community of people who have taken recreational vehicles and modified them. The conversion of old schoolbuses to this end is a popular choice. Some take old diesel vehicles and burn biodiesel or waste vegetable oil in them in order to make them more environmentally friendly than conventional RVs.

 off road custom built campers

Traveling, camping, living the RV experience in your custom Truck Camper or Expedition Vehicle

Whether you choose RV lifestyle for living or just want to have a blast of a vacation, it is better to have a reliable, well-build custom “home”. Wherever you go, our Custom Campers and Expedition Vehicles are the best way to get there and best way to stay as long as you need. No matter where your camping destination is, as long as you have a 4×4 pickup truck and a road to get there, you will be able to camp in your Phoenix custom camper or expedition vehicle.

truck Camper For Dodge 3500 DieselOnce you decide to go with an RV, keep in mind that you are not just purchasing a camper, camper truck or motorhome, you are purchasing a lifestyle! That’s what it’s all about.

You can design your camper YOUR way and go wherever you like!

jed meg Los Flores

With our custom-made truck campers, there’s no limit to where you can go and what you can do on your next outdoor adventure. If your truck can get there, so will your Phoenix camper.

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