RV destinations: 4 Spectacular Geologic-volcanic sites

Want to discover a whole new world on your custom truck camper but don’t know where to go?

Don’t worry! Today we will show you 4 amazing RV destinations where you can go with your family and friends. Just pack your stuff and enjoy the ride! Phoenix Popups invites you to pull up to one of the 4 recommended spectacular geologic-volcanic sites.

Arches National Park, Utah

photo by National Parks Service  - nps.gov
Arches National Park, Utah. Photo by National Parks Service – nps.gov

“Overlooked gem!” … “The geology is amazing…”… “Simply Amazing”… “Vistas!”…

A red rock wonderland in Utah! With more than 2,000 stone arches, the park has an impressive number of balanced rocks that seem to defy gravity! Hundreds of soaring pinnacles, massive fins and giant balanced rocks. Discover a landscape of contrasting colors, landforms and textures unlike any other in the world. This red rock wonderland will captivate you with its incredible rocks, beautiful trails, and breath taking sunsets.

You will be amazed with its formations!

Lava Beds National Monument, California

A light snowfall on a cinder cone in Northern California near Klamath Falls.
A light snowfall on a cinder cone in Northern California near Klamath Falls.

“So much to see!!!!”…“Fun caving!”… “Exciting”… “Wonderful caves and lava tubes”…

Large areas of jumbled lava flows, last deposited as recently as 2,000 years ago, mixed with a variety of volcanic features including cinder buttes, spatter cones, chimneys, craters and especially lava tube caves; located on the Medicine Lake volcano, south of the city of Tulelake, California. The surrounding countryside also has craters and extensive patches of lava, continuing east to the Cascades and south towards Lassen Volcanic National Park, all associated with the same tectonic system.

An unforgettable lava-carved tube-caves display!

Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

Mammoth Cave National Park
Mammoth Cave National Park

“Awesome!” …”Grand, gloomy, and peculiar”… “Fascinating and beautiful”… “Fun and adventurous”…

Limestone labyrinth under a swath of Kentucky hills and hollows is the world’s longest known cave system in the World. The surface of Mammoth Cave National Park encompasses about 80 square miles. No one knows how big the underside is. More than 365 miles of the five-level cave system have been mapped, and new caves are continually being discovered. Two layers of stone underlie Mammoth’s hilly woodlands.

You will never forget that you are deep in the Earth!

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

The Wave - Valley of Fire State Park
The Wave – Valley of Fire State Park

“Amazing views”…“Beautiful sights”… “Breathtaking and Inspiring”…“Amazing red rock formations”…

Valley of Fire was named for the magnificent red sandstone formations that were formed from great shifting sand dunes during the age of the dinosaurs more than 150 million years ago (Mesozoic Era).  These brilliant sandstone formations can appear to be on fire when reflecting the sun’s rays.  Other important rock formations include limestone, shale, and conglomerates. Located in the Mojave Desert approximately 58 miles northeast of the Las Vegas Strip, is the oldest Nevada State Park and covers an area of approximately 35,000 acres.

Brilliant sandstone formations on fire!

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