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Planning Tips: Pre Winter Trips in Your Custom Truck Camper

Pre Winter Trip Planning

Do you have plans to go camping this winter with your custom truck camper? Here are Phoenix Pop Up’s Tips for Pre Winter Trip Planning.

Camping in the snow has several advantages, like no bugs and no crowds, allowing you to enjoy your camping trip on a peaceful and quiet environment. But the most important thing for having a great winter camping experience, is a good pre-trip planning plan before you hit the road.

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These are great tips for your next winter adventure on your custom truck camper:

Do research and study maps of the area where you are planning to camp.

Try to contact local people to have some valuable pointers of the place where you are camping.

Check the weather forecast before you go and make sure that the conditions in the area are favorable for camping. Check the local road and trail conditions.

Let others know where you’ll be, when you’ll be there, when you’ll return, vehicle information and any other useful information that can help them out in case of an emergency.

It is very important to pack special clothing and tools for winter camping.

Be prepared for the unexpected. Always carry with you a first aid kit in case something happens during your winter camping adventure.

DTruck camper in snowesign Your Camper Your Way

With our custom-made truck campers, there’s no limit to where you can go and what you can do on your next outdoor adventure. If your truck can get there, so will your Phoenix camper.

Our company is based on the belief that our customer’s needs are of the utmost importance. Just choose a Base Model -which comes with standard features- and then select the many more optional features available. And if you already have something in mind that you want, let us know about all of your ideas and we will work with you as a team to design and build the camper of your dreams!

We work on the most popular truck makes and models, so select yours and start building your camper now! Or give us a call and make an appointment to visit us.