Custom truck campers

Phoenix Truck Campers: More Time Camping, Less Time Packing!

A Custom Camper Is a Great Camping Investment

Camping is great for many reasons. But mostly because it’s the one type of vacation where the adventure is completely up to you. You can spend a weekend pretending to be Bear Grylls, rubbing two sticks together and braiding a tent out of forest twigs and brush, or you can make it way more relaxed and luxurious. This is where the custom made pop up truck camper comes into play. If you love getting outdoors, and you want to encourage your kids to love and respect nature instead, why not spend more weekends in the great outdoors and less time in front of the TV?

Phoenix Pop Up knows how hard and time consuming it can be to get the whole family out the door, in the car and off to your weekend destination, that is why we started a, once small, family business building outdoor lovers the exact type of pop up camper that will fit their vehicle, the whole family and all their camping requirements.


Vintage Bronco
Vintage Bronco with Phoenix Custom Camper

Pop the camper on your truck and go

Gone are the days of digging through your basement to find those sleeping bags and the tent you are sure you have somewhere in one of those boxes. Also gone are the days of showing up to your campsite only to find the ground soggy and the tent not as water proof as you thought. And gone are the days of racing against the setting sun, tent poles flying everywhere, trying to set up camp before it gets dark and bugs start bitting.

Getting a custom pop up camper for your truck or vehicle is a lifetime investment for the whole family and will allow you to pack up and go at a moment’s notice. Not only is camping a great way to get out in to nature, breathe some fresh air and get away from all the city noise and smog, but it is also a fairly cheap way to get the whole family together on vacation, if only for a weekend. Having a pop up camper custom fit your truck will make packing up the whole family all the more easy, plus, it can also bring on a little spontaneity into your camping adventures. With a pop up truck camper, you will literally be ready and equipped to go anywhere, anytime.

ford f 250 with a custom Phoenix Camper
Ford f 250 with a custom truck camper

Build My Pop Up  Truck Camper

Mini Floor Plans
Custom build your dream truck camper starting with one of our three floor plans.

At Phoenix Pop Up we can custom make a camper to fit any truck. We are a small family business of dedicated camping enthusiast so we know how picky the average outdoorsmen can be when it comes to his (or her) camping equipment. We work directly with each customer, and once we know what type of vehicle you have, we are ready to start designing and building your very own custom made truck camper so that you will always be camp ready. Starting with one of our floor plans, it is up to you to let us know what special features you require. The choice is up to you, there is no limit to what we can build. We have the smaller floor plan for those who want to keep camping a little rugged, offering you only a place to sleep and some storage space, or we can glamp it up with a PULSE SC floor plan and go crazy with the luxury amenities such as a hot water shower, and solar powered batteries to run your entertainment system and other electronics. We have custom built pop up campers for all types of trucks. Call us today and let’s get your vehicle camp ready for life!