Jeep Rubicon with rooftop awning

Phoenix Pop Up’s Adventure to the 2014 Overland Expo

Back from a fantastic trip to the Overland Expo 2014, Cari recounts their latest Phoenix Pop Up adventure.

The journey to the Expo Begins

In the early hours of May 15th, Robby and I packed up the Jeep Rubicon, our shop dog, Shadow, and our Chassis mount 1997 Chevy 1500 and we were our way to the Overland Expo 2014. Stopping only to get gas,  get some food and let Shadow out, we made it just past Albuquerque, NM when the 97 Chevy just decided it was not going to go any further.

97 chevy on tow truck
Chassis mount 1997 Chevy 1500

We had it towed to a shop – where it was looked over quickly as they were about to close for the night – and said they would be getting to it the next morning around 7 am. At the time they thought it just needed a new fuel pump. The next morning we showed up around 7:30 am to find out our bad news: the engine was blown and needed to be replaced!! Not having the time or resources right then, we called a dear friend who owns his own tow truck to see if he had the time to come down to NM and tow our baby home to Colorado. Low and behold he was willing and able to do it. He showed up a little after 3 pm, and it was with sadness that we loaded up the truck camper and Shadow and headed back home.

Chassis mount
Shadow the Shop Dog is not happy he won’t make it to the expo


A day late to the Expo

We hopped in the Jeep eager to make it the final two days of the Expo. This time we made it without further incident.

Joe and Teresa in front of camper
Joe and Teresa with their sand colored custom made camper for a Jeep Rubicon

Saturday was a great day! We got to hand off the new custom made Jeep camper to the owners Joe and Teresa and show it off to many interested on lookers.

Joe took over my job and was happy to  tell anyone who came by all about his wonderful new camper. I almost ran out of business cards, as every time I turned around Joe was asking for more. I need to hire him!! 🙂

Custom made rooftop awning for jeep camper


View from Back of Jeep Rubicon with Camper

Saturday evening we broke out the home made green chili, tortillas, chips, guacamole, beer and wine for a get together under the Jeep’s custom made rooftop awnings. Our camper owners who where at the expo, as well as other interested folks and expo friends who stopped by. It was a great time for all who attended and we hope to make this an annual get together!

Overland Expo Get together with fans
Expo get together 2014


Jeep Rubincon at Expo

Sunday was super windy, yet there was still quite a number of people stopping by to take a look and ask about our custom built campers.

Jeep Camper interior shot
Inside Jeep Rubicon camper


Joe and Teresa jeep
Interior of Jeep Rubicon

As the show closed down we meet up with some prospective customers and then headed out to Page, AZ, to meet up and get measurements for one of our next Custom Chassis mount builds. From there we hopped back in to our rental car and headed home. All in all it was a wonderful journey, with wonderful people! 

We look forward to heading out east to “OX East” in our ’97 Chevy with a new engine and our new chassis mount camper.

Oh, and of course, Shadow!

Overland Expo East 2014