Overlanding Adventures: Neli and Her Family Reach Belize

Phoenix Pop Up is proud & excited to follow Victoria, Jason and their dog Neli on a tour headed to Central America, which began Oct 8th 2013 when they left left Venice Beach in Southern California. This is the story as told by Neli, and that’s what makes this over landing expedition so different, the narrative is from a dog’s perspective.

Last Time we touched base with them it was around christmas and they were at Santa María del Tule in Oaxaca.  After leaving Overlanding Oasis and a long drive, they arrived at Chiapas. Neli and her family were really excited because they had heard it was the most beautiful part of Mexico.

church in campeche
Church in Campeche


They spent New Years at Maybell Campground in the town of Palenque. That night they met Brodie and Diane who are riding their bicycle through Mexico and Central America.  On New Years day they headed to Campeche another beautiful city.

After spending a couple of days there, they headed to the town of Chetumal where they stayed at Yax Ha RV resort. This was a beautiful resort located right next to the ocean.


Neli at Yax Ha




After almost three months in Mexico, they were going to cross into a whole new country, Belize!

The trip to the border of Belize and Mexico was super quick, when when they crossed over to Belize things got a little tense due to the fact that Neli’s papers were not all in order. They had to wait for three hours, for all of Neli’s paperwork to go through. And finally they could continue with their big adventure.

The road to Sarteneja was long and bumpy. They had to drive on through the night in order to get there, since they could not stop in the middle of the jungle and call it a night. Finally they got there, their first stop in Belize.

bob marley belize


After a couple of days at Sarteneja, they hit the road once more to escape the rains that were expected. After some bumps typical of the region they finally found some pavement and in no time made their way to Belize City. They drove past Belize City and were shocked by all the poverty visible in the city. After driving through Belize City they got to Old Belize. This place was super neat. Very pretty, with big boats rolling along on the water.

Old Belize
Old Belize


They left the camper behind, took their backpacks out and headed to Caye Caulker on a ferry. These island had beautiful beaches and scenery.

San Ignacio was the next campsite, it is a town a town on the border of Belize and Guatemala.  The drive to San Ignacio was super pretty. The rain held off a little bit, and the countryside was incredible.

Check out their blog: Neli’s Big Adventure: The true story of a small dog over landing Mexico and Central America.



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