Pop Up Camper taking off

Oh, The Places Your Phoenix Pop Up Will Help you Explore!

Let’s go exploring!

We’ve always been explorers. Since the beginning of time man has explored for either survival, or curiosity or both. As children, we spent hours exploring right in our own back yard. As adults, we want to explore a little bit further away from home. We celebrate explorers and revel in the tales of discovering unseen territories, from Neil Armstrong taking man’s first step on the moon, or Jacques Cousteau exploring the deep blue sea, and, perhaps, the greatest adventure of them all, Lewis and Clark setting off to explore the West.

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We retell the stories of exploration around camp fires, we read about great adventures with bears and natives, and we long to be out there exploring ourselves. And with every great tale of every great explorer, comes the infamy of the way they traveled, from the Keel-Boat to the Space shuttle. We are constantly looking for new means to travel and explore the world.

Phoenix Pop Up is proud to be part of that tradition!


Lewis and Clark custom ordered “The Boat

Keepboat SketchIt was 1803 when Captain Meriwether Lewis traveled to Pittsburgh to oversee the construction of a custom made keel-boat so that the Corps of Discovery, William Clark and him could travel down the Ohio River. Not knowing what they would find on their expedition, Lewis and Clark needed a boat specific to fit their every need. These were the limited instructions that Clark sent to the builder:

      • Customized ttravel
      • Single mast, footloose square sail


      • Twenty double-banked, 16-foot sweeps (a.k.a. oars)


      • Length: 55 ft


      • Draft: 3ft


      • Burden: 12 tons plus crew

Besides “the boat”, they travelled with 2 smaller boats (pirogues they were called) meant to lighten the load of the main boat. And because that wasn’t enough, the crew had to carve an additional 15 canoes throughout the expedition and borrow horses along the way to take them across the Rocky Mountains before finally reaching the Pacific.


Pop Ups are popping up everywhere

jed meg Chemuc ChampayThere may not be a lot of uncharted territories left (unless you go deep into the ocean), but we are still explorers at heart. And whereas we may not be the first to boldly go where no man has gone before, we are not satisfied with just being told stories of great discoveries. We want to go and see things for ourselves. There are a million places to choose from. And we want to be part of each adventure.

The Phoenix Pop Up family has completely revolutionized the truck camper design and the ordering process is completely interactive. That way you get exactly what you need, so that all you have to do is “Pop”, and you are off on your own personal grand adventure. From weekend exploration to yearlong treks across the Americas, we are here to make sure that figuring out where to go next, is going to be the hardest part of your journey. Our family has been in the camping business for a long time, and by eliminated the middle man we make sure your buying experience is as personal as it can get. Our custom made Pop Up campers have seen the world from the Pacific to across the Atlantic. Let us be a part of your next adventure.