New Adventurers Are Popping Up In the Most Unlikely Places

The Spirit of Adventure

Five years ago in Oregon a male wolf was born. He soon became famous when he trekked for miles across the state of Oregon to the border of California. In 2011, he became the first wolf to set foot on California ground in over 90 years, earning him national notoriety. He has since crossed the border several times between Oregon and California, spending most of his time on the western slope of the Cascade Mountains in the southwestern Oregon. Just like the Phoenix Pop Up customer, Journey “the Lone Wolf” encompasses the very spirit of exploration and adventure, traveling where no wolf has traveled in a long time.

Journey in Oregon
OR7, a.k.a. Journey (Photo: US Fish & Wildlife Service)

The Lone Wolf

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have been monitoring this adventurous male wolf – Journey, or OR7 –since he first started migrating west towards California. For a long time, experts had pegged the life of Journey to be one of solitude, assuming the “lone wolf” cliché that we hear so often. But recently, an amazing discovery was made: Journey had found a mate, and not only that, at least two little wolf pups have been spotted in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest where Journey and his mate were first discovered.

Siskiyou National Forest
Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest, Oregon

Life goes on

Defying all odds, Journey has taken the spirit of adventure and exploration to new heights. Everyone assumed he would spend his life in solitude, traveling solo across plains, forests and mountains. But once again we have underestimated the perseverance of OR7, and we can now add “first known wolf reproduction in the Cascades since 1940” to his long resume of accomplishment. Experts are watching and hoping that the pups survive and a new pack is formed. A lone wolf no more, Journey has left his bachelor days behind and has taken on the life of a family man with a wife and kids.

New adventures await and we look forward to following this pack’s adventures for years to come.

New wolf pups
Two of Journey’s little pups  (Photo: US Fish & Wildlife Service)

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