Camping in remote areas

More outdoor survival skills every camper should know

It’s better to always be prepared!

In our previous blog we listed the first 4 basic survival skills every avid camper should know for unexpected survival situations. Today we bring you the other 6:

Finding water 

Survival skills

Humans can only live for about 2 days without water, therefore knowing where to find safe water to drink or to create a solar still from a plastic bag, can save your life in an emergency. A basic rule for all campers: always boil water you collected to purify it before drinking.

Building a fire without matches

Fire is an important tool for survival. To build one without matches, you’ll need a soft rock and sticks to rub together. You can also create fire from polished aluminum or a magnifying glass.

Finding shelter in any environment

In an emergency, you might not be able to return to your cozy Phoenix Custom Camper, so you should know how to build a basic shelter from a tarp, leaves, pine needles and whatever else you can find.

Heaven is real

Identifying potentially dangerous plants

Not being able to tell which are edible or safe to touch plants can result in an itchy rash, diarrhea or even severe dehydration. Your life could depend on your ability to avoid dangerous plants, so make sure you know how to identify local vegetation, especially if you are going somewhere new.

Finding firewood

You can’t build a fire without firewood. Experienced campers know to look for the dead lower branches of larger trees. Small pieces of birches work great to start the fire and birch bark is fairly easy to light even if is a little damp from rain.

Staying warm

You’ll need to keep yourself off of the cold ground by any means possible and know how to find warm areas. Always dress appropriately for your environment and learn how to insulate yourself from snow and frost.

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