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Mental Health Benefits of Camping

If you’re thinking of taking a mental health break amid all the chaos that our world is in, a camping trip is a perfect way to spend it if you haven’t thought about it already. We are always striving to find a good work/life balance that will put us at ease, allowing us to properly incorporate wellness and self-care into our daily lives. While places like a good beach or resort can help you to find that calm that you’re looking for from hectic work and personal life, camping allows you to bond with nature and let the sweet sounds of the outdoors put you in a happy space. 

The mental health benefits of camping are endless. Here are a few things  to consider as you plan your next vacation, staycation, or weekend out with loved ones.

Providing Stress Relief 

Your body benefits from camping just as much as the mind does.

One of the biggest mental health benefits of camping is that the peace of nature and its elements will allow you to tune things out and improve your state of mind. By camping, you stay away from your work computer, stay off congested highways and take a break from your responsibilities to just live a free, enjoyable life. Waves, birds chirping happily, and tree leaves moving with the slightest breeze provide good backdrops for getting lost in and finding your purpose again. 

Your Body Will Benefit 

The fresh air that you’ll receive outside will help your breathing, reeling in oxygen, and keeping you away from pollution. With added oxygen, your body will function better and more serotonin is released, triggering increased feelings of happiness. 

You also improve your vitamin D intake as you’re regularly exposed to the sun. As long as it’s not too hot outside, the good weather outside will expose your body to vitamins that will help you develop your bones and offer you protection against various diseases. 

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