Pop Up Camper taking off

Make the Journey Just as Fun as the Destination

On the road with your Phoenix Pop Up

When you hit the road to get to your next destination, make the journey just as memorable as the destination. Take the scenic route, instead of the fastest route and see as much as you can of the landscape, beautiful views and landmarks along the way. There is so much to take in, it would be a shame to miss out because you spent half the journey napping in the back seat. We know our truck campers are comfortable, but that is not to be used as a excuse.

On long journeys keeping everyone entertained, especially young kids, can be a bit of a chore and in order to avoid endless hours of “are we there yet?” here’s a list of great road trip games you can play with your fellow travelers. It’s also a great way to keep your eyes open, and take in as much of the scenery as you can while driving to your next vacation destination.

Road Trip Games for the Whole Family

Road trip gamesI spy: one person starts, find something that is visible to all, a bigger landmark, not just a billboard whizzing by on the freeway, but something off in the distance that will be visible for few minutes while you play this round. As always “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with…” and so on.

20 questions: Once you’ve picked your animal, mineral or vegetable or other take turns asking yes or no questions to home in on what the person is thinking of. Vary the difficulty depending on the age of the people playing. For instance, if you have young kids, stick to things like “an elephant” or “a robot”, but if you are a car filled with adults, go ahead and get a little creative and whip out some more unusual things for your passengers to guess, like “the industrial revolution”. Get creative. With this game, it’s the journey to the 20th question that’s fun, not so much the destination.

Alphabet Game

License plate and alphabet game: these two games are pretty much interchangeable and you can make up the rules as you go along. The most obvious way to play is to use license plates, billboards, street signs, shop names, etc. to get from A-Z. The first person to get to Z wins.

Slug BugSlug Bug: I’ve heard people say that it’s just about who can spot the most VW Beetles, either new or vintage, but that really takes away the fun part of this game: getting to punch your seatmate in the arm. In my case, it was getting to punch my brothers. Something every sibling dreams of every once in a while. Yes, this game can get out of control quickly, especially with young kids, but let’s face it, it’s pretty fun while it lasts. Basically, if you see a Bug, you slug the person sitting next to you in the arm. And you get a point. Fun, right?!

Build My Phoenix Camper

There are many games you can play to distract yourself and your kids on a long drive to your next camping destination. The good news is, your Phoenix Pop Up truck camper can be custom built so that it is completely self-sufficient, so when the impatient passengers start driving you crazy with their “are we there yet? Are we there yet?” ad nauseum, you can turn to them and say “yes, we are there!”, because if you have a Phoenix Pop Up fit your vehicle, with solar powered batteries, entertainment systems, fully loaded kitchen, bath and hot water systems, you are always “there”! Wherever you are, you Phoenix is home. Call us today and let’s start custom building your pop up or truck camper.