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Look Out World, We Just Released this Raptor Into the Wild

Rikki's Raptor Camper exterior

Spring has sprung and we’re busting out campers left and right so our customers can head out and experience the great outdoors while traveling light in both comfort and style.

The universal language of camping

2013 Ford Raptor PULSE SC
2013 Ford Raptor PULSE SC

Our most recent customer, Mr. Martinez, hit us up for a camper to fit his 2013 Ford Raptor. Sound simple enough, but here at Phoenix Pop Up, we threw out the mold a long time ago, knowing that every camper is different in taste, style and need. That is why every one of our campers is custom made. Since we are in Denver, Colorado and Mr. Martinez lives in Mexico City, Mexico, most of our communication took place via email. A phone call would have been great too, but with our very limited Spanish and Mr. Martinez’ limited English, we both did a whole lot of Google translating before getting all the specifications and features that Mr. Martinez wanted for his camper. This was a fun and challenging build, and we love making campers for anyone, wherever you live, whatever language you speak. And let’s be honest, when it comes to adventure lovers and camping, we all speak the same language.

camper design

Custom made, from the outside…

Mr. Martinez had a number of special features he wanted added to his custom PULSE SC fit for the Silver Raptor. First of all, he wanted the outside of his Pop Up to match the paint of his truck, as well as having the raptor artwork extend all the way up onto the camper. So it was not just a matter of matching the silver color, we had to match the graphics as well. Not to toot our own horn, but I say we did a bangin’ job accommodating this request. Next he wanted tail light skirts and most importantly, he needed his existing roof rack to be mounted to the top of the camper. Knowing that this would make the roof extremely heavy to lift up once he was ready to set up camp for the night, he was smart to add the electric roof lift option, so that after a long drive, he wouldn’t need to battle with a heavy roof, but could just push a button and be off to bed in no time, ready for the next day’s adventure.

…to the inside

Custom PULSE SC interior
Custom PULSE SC interior

As for the inside, with the PULSE SC being our biggest floor plan, there was no limits to what features we could do with all that space. Per request, we added a wall mounted A/C, as well as a TV/DVD stereo system. And this was on top of all the standard features of our PULSE SC floor plan.


Take the long way home 

Kitchen and Seating area in Pulse SCWith a brand new, custom built, camp ready Pop Up Camper you don’t just go straight home. You take it out on the open road, the off road, the dirt or paved or bumpy road to see what it’s really made of. At least, that’s what Mr. Martinez is going to do. He is heading straight from our shop to explore Colorado and Utah before heading north to Washington State and then back down south to New Mexico and Texas before heading back home to Mexico with his new camper. We wish that was us, but having had a personal hand in creating and building this camper, we feel that a small part of us is going with Mr. Martinez on his adventure.

 Rikki's Raptor camper

raptor 71013How do you take your camper?

We love working directly with all of our customers to ensure your custom Pop Up truck camper matches all of your camping needs. For over 40 years we have been factory direct, which means no middleman. This is also why we do not have dealerships throughout the country. We never want to lose that personal relationship we have with all our customers (and our campers). But, just because we are based in Denver, doesn’t mean you have to be. Call us and let us know how you take your camper. We would love to be a part of your next great adventures.