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Important Spring Camping Wildlife Tips and Considerations

With spring around the corner, you must be thinking about how to keep yourself busy during this cold season. One of the best ways to get yourself busy in springtime is by going wildlife camping. Follow the spring camping wildlife tips below to get the most out of this time.

Get the Right Gear and Accessories

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Leaving nature undisturbed is one of the most important spring camping wildlife tips.

In all honesty, spring is the ideal time to go camping and hiking because this is when trees begin to bloom, and wild animals are getting active. However, spring is also the trickiest and most challenging time because of the unpredictable conditions and wetness. For this reason, you need to have the right gear and other accessories for warmth and protection. For example, you may need snake boots if the area you plan camping in has venomous snakes. You may also need insect repellent to protect against mosquitoes, chiggers, and ticks. If you suspect the forest has bears, it may be wise to carry pepper spray. Also, pick your pencil, notebook, field guide apps or books, and a pair of binoculars.

Do Not Disturb Nature

Leaving nature undisturbed is one of the most important spring camping wildlife tips. As already mentioned, spring is when plants begin to bloom, and animals get out of their hibernation. At this time, nature can be pretty and tempting. But, no matter how intense the temptation is, never pluck flowers to take home. First, you must be mindful of the wildlife. Secondly, never get closer to wildlife, especially the moa bears. They can be very aggressive and dangerous. To be safe, treat all animals as dangerous. Finally, it would be wise to use your binoculars to watch wildlife.

A lot goes on during spring camping. If you want to get more spring camping wildlife tips, visit the Phoenix Pop-up FAQ page. You even get to learn how to build your camper.