Biscayne National Park

How To Survive In The Wild 

Biscayne American Crocodile – photo by National Parks Service  –

Being prepared when an unexpected situations occur in the wild is very important to increase your chances of survival. For all those Phoenix custom truck camper owners that love camping in the wild, being prepared in case something goes wrong is a must!

Photo by Montserrat Antillon. Used with the artist's permission.
Photo by Montserrat Antillon. Used with the artist’s permission.

It’s All About Adapting

Being able to adapt to your surroundings in the wild is key to survival. Also, keeping calm and taking a good look around will help you improvise and make a better decision on what to do next. Once you are in a survival situation, the first thing you need to do is find water, if you get dehydrated your chances to survive will decrease significantly.

Building or finding shelter where you can protect yourself and stay warm at night is also very important. First, because there are animals in the wild that are very dangerous and second, because it can get very cold at night. To be able to stay warm at night you should learn how to build a fire without matches, for which you’ll need a soft rock and sticks to rub together. If you have a magnifying glass it will be much easier.

Finally, it is very important that you learn some techniques to catch fish and small animals in the wild. Also, make sure to learn some navigation techniques to avoid walking in circles, you’ll need to find your way back to the campsite or to your vehicle.

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