How NOT to Get a Special Discount on Any Services or Products! Be Kind!

We just want to share with you an experience we had this past week. We had a possible customer who wanted to only spend a set amount of money for something that should cost much more. Our main Sales Rep Cari had the first email communication with this person responding what the cost of what he was asking for was more that he would like to pay. Here is the  email communication: PC= Possible customer  PPU=Phoenix Pop Up.

PC:Hi my name is ………. interest in a geo flip for a 1500 SILVERADO short bed 2005 , want a camper that will fit in garage on the truck,  I am working with 82 INCHES  truck is two wheel drive 6foot 5 inch bed , I have 14000.00 in my budget do you have a floor model you would sell , I checked out  the one you had and besides the decor,  I liked it. Don’t want to wait for build if I don’t need to, but would like more water and tankless water heater with outside shower , small burner for coffee and small sink for brushing teeth and cleaning face.possible cat heater and solar hook up for OUTSIDE panels to charge a two 6volt battery system for large arg 12 volt fridge and all led lighting and electric toys all the time , don’t want to have to do a full tire and air bag gig , I’m 65 and have a jeep for towing and motor cycle , I can tow in front of truck, and want to make sure this type of tent camper will work in high desert wind and some rain with out ripping off the camper , need it roomy enough for some 6 4 260 to move around in , porta potty too, my bladder is not what it once was…….can we hit a 14,000 mark for what I want in one or would it be better to buy used pop up . Just using truck for camping and why I want full rig to fit in GARAGE for fishing and camping trip the lakes around San Diego mountains and high desert s and hunting Turkey on ranches around area , I have a ok with owners to hunt on their land off mellow dirt roads….get back to me 14,000,00 is what I have cash for such a rig…….

PPU: Thank you for your interest in our built to order custom campers. We have had a very busy year and are now taking orders for spring 2019 for our cab over campers, we do have a Geo Den flip we could do To add a Hotwater heater and an exterior shower would add $950 to the price ..Here is our Geo Den Flip which we can have in a matter of weeks if you would like                             Please let me know if I can answer any other questions and/or be of any other assistance. Make it a Great Day!

We then got this response: PC: Hi,  thank you for getting back to me, very interested in geo den tent or any floor model you want to sell , EVEN an employee used one that is up grading , I will call you we’d. Asap , like I said I have 14,000 in my budget and been in contact with four wheel also for one of their models for the same 14,000 and they are getting back to me on what they can come up with , I like your product looked at one in my area it was the custom 5 4 one in black you made for a guy with a hummer 3 , add did not say it was a5 4 model and was very small for even my 6 5 bed SILVERADO 1500 , it was nice for a little guy , and the guy made a platform so he could use it on his SILVERADO it was way to high and would not fit in my garage with the max of 82 in it for truck and camper and also looked stupid with all the room in the front of cab , bye the way they repainted it white and it was really dirty , water pump was gone and was a shame to to see it that way , a lot of stuff in a small package and at 6foot 4in 260 and 65 , was a bit tight for me and head was rubbing on top , but it was still nice if you paid 600 for someone to clean it inside and out from all the grime , don’t know how people  live like that…….NAME CALL you we’d or you can call me NumberI’m ready to pick up now if we can make some kind of a deal and the den is a lot bigger then the one in San Diego I looked at this weekend, they said they were the second or third owner of that min.

He called that day and spoke to Rob other than who he had been emailing with an was offered our show Geo Den flip for the cost he wanted $14000. ( the show camper is only 6 month old and has had maybe 5-8 folks walk inside of it so its is practical new  He is getting a good deal!

He calls and gets measurements and does not think it will fit in his garage and feels he will need to get smaller tires and says it will cost him about $1000 to do so so he would like for us to take an additional $1000 off.

Cari explains that they are already giving him a great price on a practical new camper, he wanted to say it is a show model which has been to many shows etc. Cari explained that as a company they have not been to any shows for almost 2 years and so not this camper has had very little traffic in it.. He said he want to talk to Rob who was not in at the time so he would call back and talk to him. This was a Thursday. On Friday we did not hear from him and we had several walk in customers and one customer did not want to wait for a new camper to be built and offered us cash for full price for the Show Flip and we accepted..

Then on Monday we received this email which was sent after hours 8pm on Friday:

PC: Rob, I would like tall to you directly , dont care for Cari she is rude and somethong rubs me wrong with her….O wantes to talk to you more when ypu have sometime woth out back round noise for some details etc.
I have neen talking with Four wheel camper co. and they called me back today on a camper a client backed out of , it was a custom order and much like the Geo Den design and product features?
except its a pop up 6foot 6inch solid flat roof design , also waa ordered with fiberglass wrap instead. Of aluminum….its a Hawk. A bit
 heavier then I want but ht is 33 from truck rail . they would take 12000 for it tax free.I am still on the fence with your tent design ,I like better for what I need . and am willing to sell this product to the public , by letting them come and tall to me while camping and go inside for a veiwing and also make a sign up to welcome public to my camp and give your info.or brochures to them . the surfing world in san diego is large and alot of them , lik me go to Mexico for good surf and camping and thia Geo Den is perfect for this group and more afordable for the younger generations and Dad that still surf with them , you are missing a opportunity not to talk to me directly , with out Cari involved as middle man ,the money you are asking is small compared to the high dollar ones you sell but I think I shoild be able to have a conversation with you. Please e mail me a time we can talk , i think we can come to a great deal for both of us and be able to sell this model in California to a whole new market. I have been part of all my life , besides being a camper,hunter……Best Regards.
PPU responce :

Hey Mike,  Cari is my wife, the only real salesperson here, and always the best person to talk to about a purchase.  I was covering the phones that one day you called and offered the discounted price for the camper, and I was out of my element when I agreed to possibly take your price offer.
Been super busy with finishing customer’s projects and showroom traffic here. In fact, when we did not hear from you on Friday, a customer showed up here with cash in hand, paid full price and took that unit away.
I guess the other camper you’ve been dealing on is the one for you.
Thanks anyway, have a pleasant day,
 SO here is the absolute way to not ever receive a deal let alone a product
PC response:
Kiss my A s s , we know who wares the pants in this company , she is the dum blonde in that f in tacky commercial you have out there , and how four wheel thinks your geo den sucks for the price , they turned me on to Habitat from adventure trailers and offer A lot more bag for the buck and better ideals , good luck with you wife and bullshit attitude,  I will down grade your company on reviews as much as I can on all forums,  I am part of , believe me  . I belong to all of them since I have been looking for the right camper for a year , sucks for you and wife can bite me dum blonde  bbbbbbbb itch….you did not sell it either……
SO just a little lesson here  1. do not make assumptions ( Cari is not in the Video he is referring to)
2. Do not pen other companies and their products against on an other, we are all in the same industry and do claim a price “they” are offering you if it not true just to work on getting the one you want at a much discounted price.
3. Just be kind.. Just because someone dose not give you the answer you want or the price you want, does not make them Rude or and of the names this person chose to use..