Hitting the Road With your Pet

It is incredible how many of us take our pets along during a road trip or camping trip. Just like with small kids, taking our pet along requires some precautions. Here are a few tips to be able to enjoy the trip and be a responsible pet owner at the same time.

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from: pinterest


Plan Ahead

Check ahead at the RV park or campground to make sure they permit pets on the premises. Don’t assume that “pet-friendly” means all pets are accepted. They may have certain size restrictions or a limit on the number of pets you may bring. Others may offer kennels or other boarding facilities for travelers who may want to set out on excursions or attractions that don’t allow pets.



In addition to an I.D. tag on your pet’s collar or harness that contains your permanent address and phone number, be sure to include a travel tag with your cell phone number and a number where you may be staying while you’re traveling.

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 Just in Case

Always travel with information about local veterinary care in case your pet is injured or requires medical care. Your pet’s medical records, medications and health certificate should also be packed.

Pet Leash

It is essential to have control of your pet when you go outside. Pets in unfamiliar territory may either become scared and run away or curious and go exploring.



Take a photo of your pet with you in the event you do become separated. It will help others to identify him in their search.



Be considerate and practice good “petiquette” by cleaning up after your pet. Always keep a supply of pick-up bags with you. Good campers make good neighbors.


Article source: pet travel center

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