Get Your Independence Day Weekend Kicks on Historic Route 66

The Great American Road Trip

With Independence Day fast approaching, why not change up the tradition of backyard gatherings with BBQ and fireworks, and head out into the great American outdoors and check out the heart of America. Your Phoenix Pop Up camper is the perfect way to see as much of this great nation as possible. The Phoenix can be totally self-sufficient, which means that no reservations are necessary. You can drive as far as you want, and camp anywhere. Hit the open road, and start exploring this wonderful country.

Custom Camper

Historic Route 66

This historic highway will take you from the west coast of Los Angeles all the way through the heart of America, ending in Chicago, Illinois. It is over two thousand miles of America’s most archetypal scenery. Also referred to as The Mother Road or Main Street of America, this brilliant stretch of highway will take you through classic middle-of-nowhere truck stops passing retro neon signs and kitschy diners and road side attractions that make this a great road trip for young and old adventurers alike. It is the perfect road trip to get a glimpse of a lot of what America was and some of what it still is today. From the golden sands of the California beaches, through the ever changing dessert landscape, to Native American communities – not to mention the Grand Canyon – to the funky and artistic streets of Chicago, this is a collage of American history and nostalgia, and should be on any explorers bucket list.

Custom camper for Coyote truck

Custom build Phoenix Pop Up Campers

Phoenix Pop Up builds custom campers for any truck or vehicle. If you vehicle has bed, flatbed or chassis, we can build you a camper that fits. Our pop up slide in campers are our most popular campers, but if a hard side camper is what you want, then that is what you’ll get. We love working directly with each customer, and we can make your camper completely self-sufficient so that you can go anywhere without having to rely on campground amenities to get you through your next roadtrip. Call us today and let’s make your next great American road trip pop.