For the Love of Phoenix Pop Up Custom Made Campers

What makes a Phoenix Pop Up customer?

All Phoenix Pop Up owners have something in common, they want something that most production model campers can’t provide, something a little beyond the normal options list. Most often it seems that what’s wanted is a perfect fit on a unique truck, or a modified floor plan, or sometimes light weight “four wheeler” strong construction and low profile streamlining on a bigger truck. And they discovered it costs little more than other quality campers to have it their way.

Many owners of light weight popup truck campers are like me, older backpackers who want more comfort and convenience but still want it to be light and simple. In my case, add the contrast of having owned 5 world rally cars over the years and being XL sized and you have the basis for another unique Phoenix Popup camper.

Custom made camper for Tom Rives
Custom made camper for a Dodge Dakota 2wd

Note the one inch cab over gap and the windshield slope continuing up the front of the cab over without any overhang, thanks to Phoenix’s design flexibility

The foundation is my low mileage V8 powered former work truck, a Dodge Dakota 2WD. I was conscious that I would spend far more time on the highway at speed, than the dirt, so note the one inch cab over gap and the windshield slope continuing up the front of the cabover without any overhang, thanks to Phoenix’s design flexibility. I wanted to take streamlining to the limit, so after delivery I closed that small gap with foam pipe insulation on light pvc pipe bent into the opening and connected at the back, made simple brackets and fairings for the front corners that are attached to the jack brackets on the camper and added airtabs to the back. This got me back most, if not all, the 2 mpg lost when the camper went on the truck. The V8 had already been to the speed shop for economy and power mods. A primary advantage of light truck campers is the ability to travel at the speed limit rather than slower ‘towing’ or ‘motor home’ speeds.

Tom Rives camper interior
Interior of custom made PULSE SC model for 6ft bed

Because it was a Phoenix, I was able to add a 7 inch basement that moved tanks and batteries forward, giving me inside storage for table, chairs, firewood, and outside kitchen

The camper started as an PULSE SC floor plan for a 6 ft truck bed with shower and cassette toilet at the rear, stove, sink and fridge on the left, full to queen size cab over pullout bed at the front with under storage and a dinette on the right. Because it was a Phoenix I was able to add a 7 inch basement that moved tanks and batteries forward, giving me inside (stealth bomber) storage for table, chairs, firewood, and outside kitchen, all accessible through the rear door. The dinette seating was angled at 45 degrees to the aisle increasing the size of both spots while preserving the card playing and conversation benefits of facing seats. I added the standing height to the soft sides so the closed height of the camper did not increase . And all at little or no cost. Custom is what Phoenix does!

Custom made PULSE SC camper

Of course I could not resist all those extra options that are possible, despite the extra cost, but what’s important is the answer was always yes. Most impressive is that when some of my ideas required a little ‘perfecting’ (like days!) there were not complaints, blame, and extra charges but enthusiastic successful innovation.

Expect all of the above but remember the great value is based on it being a beautiful camper but not a yacht. Robby could probably build you a yacht, but that would cost a lot more money.

Build My Pop Up Camper

Phoenix pop up campers logoIf you are like Tom, then a custom made Phoenix Pop Up Camper is the perfect option for you. We will work directly with you, to custom make your camper any way you want. There is no limit to what we can build. Camping is a shared love of nature, but each camper is individual and has unique requirements to help enhance the camping experience. Pop in today and see how we can make your camper fit all of your camping needs.

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