Don’t Miss a Single World Cup Game in Your Phoenix Pop Up


The World Cup of Soccer has kicked off in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Thousands of people from around the globe, players and fans have gathered in one place to enjoy friendly (mostly) competition and a shared love of the game. It’s a multicolored spectacular event that only happens every four years, and the excitement will bring non-soccer fans out of the woodworks, because it’s hard not to get swept up in the game, the excitement and the patriotism of YOUR TEAM playing. Rio may be far away from most of our Phoenix Pop Up customers, but our Pop Ups are no stranger to large sports events, and are the perfect way to celebrate your team and your fellow fans. Whatever the sport.

Official world cup ball


Camping and soccer

The world cup just happens to coincide with the biggest camping month of the year, so there are probably a lot of you that didn’t realize that your annual family camping trip was going to happen right in the middle of all the soccer action taking place in Brazil. But then you remember that when you worked with Robby and Cari to custom make your Phoenix Pop Up, you asked them for the TV/DVD/Cable hookup special feature. As long as you stick to campgrounds that offer cable TV, then you are good to go. Now you can camp with your family without missing out on a game. And unlike football or baseball games, a soccer match only last 2 hours (including half time). That should be easy to sell to your family. You’ll will still have plenty of time to do all the fun family camping activities that you had planned.

Bronco Bronco Tailgaiting

Build My Pop Up

We have been custom making campers for many years and there is no limit to what we can build or add to your Phoenix Pop Up. We know that every camping situation and every camper is unique, that’s why we threw away the mold and work directly with each customer to guarantee you get a camper that meets all of your specific camping requirements. There is no factory, no middle man, just us and the customer, and we promise that your camper will be camp ready at pick up. Football season, and now I’m talking NFL football, a.k.a. American football, is just a few months away, so if you want tot get your Pop Up camper tailgating ready, then it’s time to get started today.