Custom made campers

Custom Make Your Phoenix Pop Up For Glamping, Bamping or Damping

Define camping!

When I was a kid and someone said “hey, I’m going camping this weekend” it meant sleeping in a tent somewhere out in nature. That was it. Defining camping was easy. Today, new camping trends are popping up every day, making camping practically undefinable. Think about it, how many images come up when you think of camping. I bet your brain flashed images of tents, Pop Up campers, RV, wood cabins, and much more. So, now that we have officially hit the peak camping season, let’s go over a few new trends so that you don’t feel left out of the conversation at the next camping site.

tent camping


bampingYup, that’s a thing now. It’s a old concept, but it’s been rebranded as “bamping”. It refers to basic camping. The type of camping that requires only the essentials. It’s all about traveling and camping light. Like popping a custom made Phoenix Pop Up camper onto your vehicle and getting on the road in no time.


Kitchen in camper

This one we’ve been hearing for a while now. This is for people who love to get outdoors and away from the city, but with leaving all the comforts of home behind. Roughing it does not factor into glamping, neither does a sleeping bag or a leaky air mattress. Our PULSE SC floor plan with full kitchen, indoor hot water shower system, solar powered batteries, an entertainment system and a comfortable queen size loft bed is exactly what a glamper wants. If a “bamber” is camping with a “glamper” (blamping?), just store your tent in their luxury Pop Up camper and once your hit the campsite you go ahead and pitch that tent outside. When it starts raining and you can’t get your fire started, you can join your glamper in their camper and cook up a delicious meal while the rain falls gently on the roof of the triple layer insulated pop up lining. 


umbrella in the rainSpeaking of rain while you are camping, there’s now a term for people who love to camp so much that no amount of rain can keep them from sleeping outdoors. Adding an 8’ crank out awning to your pop up camper will allow the dampers to spend more time sitting outside without getting wet. And there is plenty of storage space under the loft bed in all our Pop Up campers, so you won’t have to worry about all the extra rain gear you’ll have to bring on your damping trip.

Backyard Camping

Back yard for campingThis is for the family with young temperamental kids, with different attitudes towards camping. This may not seem like camping to some, but as long as you are sleeping outside your house, be it a tent in the yard or in the Pop Up camper in the driveway, as far as your kids are concerned, you are now camping. And as far as the adults are concerned, should one of the kids get tired of camping before the night is over, then the house is just a few feet away. It’s a win-win. I have started many nights as a kid in the tent in the backyard, and about 20 minutes after the sun went down, I was back inside. But in my head, that’s all it took. I had just camped…and I couldn’t wait to tell my friends about it!

Phoenix Pop Up Campers

Phoenix pop up campers logoAt Phoenix Pop Up Campers we will work directly with you, our customer, to custom make your camper any way you want. Glamping, bamping or damping, there is no limit to what we can build. We can make your glamper like a house on wheels, with all the amenities, or we can keep it simple, and just provide an easy “pack and go” bamping experience with our smallest floor plan. Pop in today and see how we can make your camper fit all of your camping needs.