Custom Adventure Campers Are Perfect For Families

Many families enjoy spending a few days away for their summer vacation. If you are looking for somewhere to take the kids this summer, you don’t have to spend a fortune booking a vacation abroad. Custom adventure campers for families make a great alternative. 

slide-in phoenix pop up campers
Custom adventure campers are great for the whole family.

You Choose Where to Go

Take you and the family on a self-drive holiday using an adventure camper. This gives you total control over where you want to go and the site you want to see. If you want to drive to multiple places, you can do so! 

Custom adventure campers for families enable you to pick and choose where you want to settle. When you find a place that feels safe and comfortable, you can stay there for as long as you like to explore the area. This is especially important if you have young kids. 

Customized Storage Space

If you have kids, they likely have many toys, games, and clothing that they need to bring with them on vacation. By using an adventure camper with customized storage solutions, you’ll have plenty of space to store all of their bits and bobs. 

Entertainment Units

Many of the custom adventure campers for families contain entertainment units that are perfect for pre-teens and teens. Around this age, your youngsters are starting to want more time for themselves. They want to be in touch with their friends at all times, even during vacations. Entertainment units enable them to get onto the WiFi to text or call their friends. 


Adventure campers are super comfortable. They often contain spacious living spaces with a good-sized bathroom and kitchen. This is great for those who aren’t ready to experience a full camping-style experience. It also saves you having to use public restrooms while you’re away, giving you ultimate comfort and privacy. 

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