Cook Up the Catch of the Day in Your Phoenix Pop Up

Gone Fishing

Now is the time to take you kids away from the TV and the computer, leave the cell phone behind, pack up your Phoenix Pop Up camper and take the whole family fishing.
Fishing is a fantastic getaway activity, and this week, The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) is kicking off their “Take Me Fishing” campaign, which means there’s a good chance you and the whole family can fish for free!!

Fishing in canoe

Fishing relieves stress

In today’s busy hi-tech world, we are spending more and more time in front of computers and television or tablets. If you’ve been around teenagers lately, even pre-teens, you’ll notice that they will not put down their cell phone. Try to have a conversation and you’ll most likely be looking at the top of their head as they try to text and talk at the same time. I have a 15 year old brother that stays up all night playing online video games, and I’m sure he would do it all day long if he wasn’t forced to go to school. My point is, it’s time to start getting our children out in to the fresh air so they can move around a little, because they are not going to do it on their own. Fishing let’s you soak in much needed sun and fresh air, while also encouraging your kids to be patient while waiting for the fish to bite, and allowing the adults to sit silently and allow the stress of the work week fade away.

family fishing on dock

Free fishing days

Take Me Fishing Campaign BannerFishing is the perfect activity to get the whole family out in the great outdoors and spend some time on the water. June 1st to June 8th is National Fishing and Boating Week, and nearly 40 out of the 50 states offer FREE FISHING DAYS as a way for people to try out this sport without having to deal with getting the license. With over a hundred thousand places to boat and fish all across the country, you have no excuse not to get out on the water and try catching a few fish. Wherever you are, you will likely have a waterway close by, and when you’re done with a full day of sun, water and fishing, you can head back to shore where your custom made Phoenix Pop Up is waiting for you. Our campers come with a full kitchen, so whatever the catch of the day, you’ll be able to cook it up for the whole family to enjoy. There is nothing like catching your own dinner, cooking it up and sharing it with the family. It is incredibly rewarding and will hopefully inspire your kids to spend more time outside enjoying nature, rather than sitting inside watching nature programs on TV.

Build My Pop Up

Mitch Kistner Bass FishermanAt Phoenix Pop Up Campers we will work directly with you, our customer, to custom make your camper any way you want. There is no limit to what we can build. We can even put in extra counter space for that huge catch you need to clean and cook up. We can make your camper like a house on wheels, with all the amenities, or we can keep it simple, and just provide an easy “pack and go” camping experience with our smallest floor plan. No frills, just a place to rest your weary head after a long day of outdoor activities. Pop in today and see how we can make your camper fit all of your camping needs.