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Cat & Michel: Happy Campers From France

In the Summer of 2011 we were contacted by Cat and Michel about a build for their Toyota Helix. They live in France and enjoy camping throughout Spain, France and other parts of Europe and wanted a camper to enhance their travels. Their son Lives in Montreal Canada and wanted to have the camper shipped to Montreal for installation. They had their truck shipped over from France to Montreal and we all worked out getting the camper up to Montreal. They spent over a month on Canada exploring the sites before having the truck and camper shipped back to France. Over the last two years they have been spending their time out exploring and enjoying some of their favorite camping trails.. They have contacted us again for a new build for their recently purchased Ford Raptor and we are excited to be able to work with this wonderful couple once again.
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We are happy French owners of a Pulse for 2 years, built on a Toyota Hilux (European model of the Toyota Tacoma). We explored Catalogne and Aragon in Spain, winter and summer, and Sardinia. The landscapes are varied in Spain: hight peaks and deep canyons. The tracks are often rocky or muddy. The ratchet strap tie down system is perfect and very safe for the off-road.
We are pleased with the strength and tightness of our camper after 2 years of intensive use. The light weigh of our Spain.Aragoncustom- made  camper allows us to go off-road on all tracks. We have also installed airbags for a more comfortable ride.
The interior is tastefully clever, allowing for maximum space in a 6 foot camper. You can even cook a “T-bone” inside when it rains!!! With a fantastic vent…it’s fantastic!!!
We just bought a Ford Raptor and ordered a new camper from Rob & Cari,  because our current camper does not fit perfectly to the bed of the Raptor. 
We are coming to Colorado for installation and after installation we will take a wonderful 2 month trip  throughout the Western United States before heading back to France.”
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 Cat & Michel

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