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Camper Philosophy: Heading out in the right state of mind!

I found this video almost by accident and started watching it and was very pleased with it’s content.

We are constantly in a “100 mph” state of mind. We wake up in the morning barely sit down for breakfast or just have coffee, jump in the shower, jed meg Los Floresfeed the dog (oh no I ran out!!) head to work. At work we are pushed and we strive to be the best and get results and close sales, and more and more and fast. Day in day out, as much as we hate to admit it we are racing sometimes even for no reason. Don’t get me wrong intensity is good if you channel it the right way, and when you do things with passion you tend to give a 100%!

We usually get time off, take vacations, take a weekend trip or go camping precisely to unwind from this intense way of life and many times find doing what we were trying to get away from.

Take it easy! Enjoy the journey, look around, breath. I personally have experienced this myself, I get in my car and want to be the first person at the beach! I have lost my temper at traffic jams, and race to my destination like there is no tomorrow.   And I am so eager to get everything done that I race through my vacation and find my self back in square one in a blink. Just the same as I try to race through my work days.

Next time you head out bring it down a notch, stop and smell the “roses” hahahaha, and I believe you will enjoy yourself more and will make your free time last a little bit longer.


Share your outdoor experiences with us! We love to hear from all of you out there and what you have been up to.


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