Bamboo and Corian Interior in Phoenix Pop up Truck Camper

“Dear Rob and Cari, The camper turned out to be everything we had hoped. All systems operated smoothly and we were especially surprised with how efficiently the refrigerator worked.

There was quite a downpour our first night so it was water tested.  Pulling into the campground around 9 pm, it felt like a fire drill as we got our gear unpacked and set up for sleep.  The rear LED lights worked great but unfortunately we had unwittingly left them on and they were glaring in the neighbor’s camper.  She came over in the rain to ask us to turn them off.  The next day I apologized to her again and she laughed and enjoyed our story of being new camper owners and struggling through our first night.

Quickly we organized and learned the drill so the rest of our camping experience went perfectly.  Visiting many friends throughout Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana, seeing lots of wildlife, and fishing where my grandson caught his first fish were some of the great highlights of our trip.

The observation hatch worked perfectly by the way!  We really enjoyed the other custom features of bamboo interior and Corian as did the many folks that asked about the unit.

The camper generates quite a bit of conversation, no wonder you get so much referral business.

Thanks for a great product.” – Jeff & Bobbi Buck