Aim for the stars with your Phoenix Custom Truck Camper

Take a Stargazing Getaway

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Humans have been captivated by the night sky for millennia, and our scientific knowledge of the universe has expanded beyond what our ancestors may have dreamed of; even though we still only know about a very small fraction of all its immense wonders and how it works.

Much to our benefit however, we don’t have to be expert astronomers or pretend to unlock all the secrets of the universe to be able to enjoy the night sky. It is in fact a very simple, fulfilling and different activity you can practice with the entire family; and it would be even much more fun if you take them all on a stargazing trip on your Phoenix Custom Truck Camper!

Basic stargazing beginner’s checklist

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First thing is to pack your Phoenix camper and head out to a remote enough place, in order to get away from the effects of city lights. It’s better if you can try to plan your trip for when clear skies are expected and there’s no moon or it’s not shining brightly, so you’ll have a better view.

You’ll also need: enough blankets for everyone, a jacket and appropriate clothing, binoculars, a simple star chart, a red light flashlight to read the star chart (red light doesn’t disrupt your night vision as much as white light), and an observing log to help you keep track of the objects you see and how the sky changes over time.

Or, you can also plan a trip for when there’s a meteor shower going on! There are many books and dedicated websites that you can investigate if you want to learn more about the night sky and become more prepared. This is a great and fun family activity where everybody gets to learn something new. If you do take a stargazing camping trip, we’d love to hear your experiences!

Phoenix Custom Truck Campers give you the freedom to go wherever you want to go

With our custom made truck campers, there’s no limit to where you can go and what you can do on your next outdoor adventure.  Our company is based on the belief that our customer’s needs are of the utmost importance. We’ll work directly with you to build your camper exactly how you want it.

Choose the design from our three Base Models and we will adapt it to your vehicle. Each base model comes with standard features and many more are optional for you to create your perfect truck camper. And if you want something else added that is not listed, no problem, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate it.

We work on the most popular truck makes and models, so select yours and start building your camper now! Or give us a call and make an appointment to visit us.

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