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6 very useful tips to protect our planet while camping

Let’s Take Care of Our Planet

At Phoenix Pop Up Campers we have one big passion: Mother Nature and all the beauty it provides us with! That is why we create the best custom truck campers so our customers can go and enjoy the magnificent landscapes this planet has to offer. With this in mind, at our company we feel responsible to provide useful information to our clients and friends about how to protect our planet and how to be a responsible camper.

Here are 6 very useful tips to protect our planet while custom truck camping:

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  1. Use existing campsites. If a campsite is not available, look for non-vegetated areas so that you disturb as little natural wildlife as possible. Don’t set up camp too close to trails or water.
  2. Leave your camp area exactly as you found it. In other words: pack out what you pack in. Having extra trash bags available is always a good idea so that you can pick up any trash that you or others have left behind. Remember, you are not the first camper, and you won’t be the last, so let’s make sure that the great outdoors stays great for all to experience.
  3. If possible, cook your meals on a camp stove instead of a campfire. Camp stoves leave less of an impact on the land. If there are existing fire rings at your campsite, you should of course use them.
  4. Only use wood that has already fallen to start a fire; under no circumstances should you cut standing trees.
  5. Make sure your fire is all the way out before turning in for the night.
  6. Use designated washrooms wherever available and biodegradable products. You may enjoy a good soap and shampoo, but the aquatic life does not and they were here first.

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You Tell Us How You Want Your Truck Camper, And We Custom Build It…

Jeep Cherokee camperWith our custom made truck campers there’s no limit to where you can go and what you can do on your outdoor adventures. We know that every camping situation and every camper are unique, that’s why we threw away the mold and work directly with each customer to guarantee you get a camper that meets all of your specific camping requirements. There is no factory, no middle man, just us and the customer, and we promise that your camper will be camp-ready when you pick it up.

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