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5 Tips To Make A Group Trip Successful

When you go on a camping trip with a group of people there are many things that can go in a way that you didn’t expect, especially if the group is big and there are different personalities.

Finding a way to manage not to kill each other is very important, hence we would like to share these 5 tips to help you have a successful group trip:

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 1. Choose a group leader: It is clear that having a boss telling everyone what to do on a vacation trip is not a great idea, and this is not what we are talking about. Our idea is that the group designates a leader or a few that take care of the trip coordination, especially on the days prior to the trip. For example, creating an email list and sending important information about the trip and making sure that everyone is on the same page.

2. Divide responsibilities: On a group trip everyone has different abilities, so dividing responsibilities can make your camping trip a much better experience. Things such as meal planning and execution, dishwashing, who pays for what, and some other important tasks can be assigned to specific members.

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Photo by NPS.gov – National Park Service

3. Always be flexible: When you are camping with several people there is a big chance that at certain point your camping fellows decide to do something different, or an important decision needs to be taken and someone disagrees with you. It is very important to always be flexible and respect other points of view in order to maintain the peace on your group adventure.

4. People love games: Games are the best way to save a boring evening on a camping trip. Make sure to pack some fun games!

5. The magic of snacks: Meals always take a while to be ready and after a long day of adventures in the wild, your camping fellows might be very hungry, a simple snack can save the day.

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