5 Tips To Learn How To Effortlessly Start A Fire

Learning to start a fire when camping is very useful and it will help us keep warm on those cold nights. Plus it’s always fun to sit around the fireplace.

Here are 5 very useful tips to start a fire in a fast and effective way:

Camp fire

  1. Smear cotton balls slightly in a flammable liquid like gasoline, or diesel to make great fire starters.  
  2. Fill cardboard toilet paper rolls with dryer lint for a fire made easy.
  3. Place small balls of dryer lint in the spots of an old egg carton and cover each with wax to make 12 individual fire starters.
  4. Fire starter sticks can also be purchased in the section of the grocery store where you find charcoal.
  5. Place piles of wood when you set up camp in graduated sizes.  Having a tinder pile to get things started and a pile of thin slat wood can make the process much easier, especially in breezy conditions.

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