5 Spring Camping Tips For Your Next Outdoor Adventure 

Spring is here and it has the peculiarity that it can deliver warm, cold, and wet weather during your camping adventure on your custom truck camper. That is why we would like to give you these 5 very useful tips for camping in the spring.

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1) Versatile Clothing

When doing your packing make sure that you add clothing for warm, cold, and wet weather. It is always better to be ready in case of a drastic change on the weather.

2) Food and water

Make sure to pack the necessary food and water for your camping trip. Even if the weather feels cold when you are hitting the road remember that it can get hotter later, so having enough water is extremely important to stay hydrated, especially if there isn’t a convenience store near by.

3) First Aid Kit

When you are camping in the wilderness there are certain scenarios where something can go wrong and being prepared for the unexpected is very important. Always take with you a first aid kit in your custom made truck camper and make sure to have it handy at all times.

4) Flashlight

Flashlights are always welcome, specially when you are camping in a place where there isn’t any illumination at night and need to go beyond the range of the exterior lights of your Phoenix custom camper. Make sure to take a flashlight or two and extra batteries on your custom truck camping journey.

5) Map Or GPS

A trail map is always a good idea, both in the case of an emergency and for general reference as you explore the nature around you. If you prefer to take your GPS to your outdoors activities is also a good idea.


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