4 Amazing Hiking Tours In America

America is a great place to discover. It has tons of wonderful places where you can travel with your Custom Phoenix Truck Camper and have a close encounter with Mother Nature. Today we bring you 4 spectacular places in America where you can go hiking.

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The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail extends from Independence, Missouri, to Oregon City, Oregon; covering an extension of 2,170 miles. This historic trail offers many hiking roads across the path, which was followed in the past by over 300,000 emigrants on their way to the west over the course of 20 years.

Quebec, Canada

The Quebec hiking experience is a mixture of cultural and natural environments. This magical place offers granite cliffs, brilliant lakes, high gorges, hanging waterfalls, eagles, snow geese and more.

Rain Forests of Costa Rica

hanging lake colorado

If you want an intense encounter with nature, the Costa Rican rain forest is the place you should go to. On this fantastic journey you will find rugged craters and lagoon waterfalls, freshwater ponds and tranquil sea coves. Also, a extended variety of wildlife is part of the adventure at Costa Rican paradise.

Great Smoky Mountains, United States

Another wonderland with lots of culture and natural diversity. The Great Smoky Mountains were the homeland of the Cherokee Indians. They named these gorgeous mountains the Great Smoky Mountains, for the mysterious wisps of blue-gray smoke that often shroud the highest peaks. These wonderful mountains are the largest wilderness area of the eastern United States, with 500,000 acres.

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