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3 Amazing Surf Trips To Go On A Custom Truck Camper

North America has many natural wonders and for those of us that love some nature adventure, being able to live in this part of the world and having access to so many magical places, is priceless. Today we want to bring you  3 amazing places to surf in North America, so plan your next surfing trip in your Phoenix Custom Truck Camper.

California, The Golden State

Custom Truck CamperCalifornia is the paradise of surf; it has over 800 miles of available coastline. With your Phoenix Pop Up Camper you can set off to discover any of the surfs spots in the Golden State.

California has surfing for all types and skills: in South California you can find several surf spots for beginners and in North California there are spots for expert surfers as well.  Some of the places you should visit for sure are: Trestles, Malibu, Rincon, Santa Cruz, Ocean Beach, and Big Sur. All of them have campgrounds available. Just pack up your things, fuel up your custom truck camper and start your Golden State surf adventure. 

Baja California Peninsula

at Las Flores

From Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, the Baja California Peninsula has hundreds of surf spots. The Trans Peninsula highway in the west coast will take you to some of the most remote and beautiful places in the world.

Here are some of our favorite surf spots inBaja California: Abreojos, Scorpion Bay, Los Cerritos and The Wall.


Florida To Maine

This beautiful journey includes 1,300 miles from the Florida tropics to the icy shores of Maine. During this fantastic trip you will be able to find the best surf spots on all the east coast, with places such as the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Long Beach Island in New Jersey, and Montauk on Long Island. For this east coast adventure your Phoenix Custom Truck Camper will be your best bet as well as all the beautiful campgrounds for this roadtrip.


Surfer on Blue Ocean Wave Getting Barreled

Design Your Camper Your Way

We have been custom making campers for many years and there is no limit to what we can build or add to your Phoenix Pop Up. We know that every camping situation and every camper is unique, that’s why we threw away the mold and work directly with each customer to guarantee you get a camper that meets all of your specific camping requirements. There is no factory, no middle man, just us and the customer, and we promise that your camper will be camp ready at pick up.