Built to Last: A Guide to Exceptional Truck Camper Design

Truck camper design has transformed remarkably, evolving from basic, no-frills units to sophisticated, luxurious homes on wheels. As more individuals opt for the convenience and versatility of truck campers in their travels, the demand for robustness and quality has surged. Let’s take a deep dive into what makes an outstanding truck camper design, ensuring enduring […]

We Have Many Years Of Camper Building Experience

At Phoenix Pop Up Campers we started building campers in 1988, but before that, the camper building family business already existed with Four Wheel Campers since the early 70′s until the late 80′s. In 2007 our company started to expand considerably by revolutionizing truck camper design with the first fully interactive custom ordering process, and incorporating new technology in camper […]

Simple reasons to pick us to build your custom truck camper

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Many Years of Camper Building Experience Phoenix Pop Up Campers started production in 1988, but before that, the family camper building business already existed with Four Wheel Campers since the early 70′s until the late 80′s; and then also with Tiger Motor Homes. In 2007 we expanded our product offerings, by completely revolutionizing truck camper design with […]

1971 Bronco: At Phoenix Pop Ups We Love All Things Custom

This is a 1st generation Bronco with a twist!   The Ford Bronco is a sport utility vehicle that was produced from 1966 to 1996, with five distinct generations. It was introduced in 1966 as a competitor to the small four-wheel-drive compact SUVs that included the Jeep CJ-5 and International Harvester Scout. The Bronco permanently entered American popular culture on June 17, 1994, when a […]