3 Amazing RV Parks in United States

Want to go camping in your custom truck camper but don’t know where to go? Don’t worry! Today we will give you 3 amazing camping destinations where you can go with your family and friends. Just pack your stuff and enjoy the ride! Rivers Edge RV Park / Fairbanks, Alaska In this amazing RV park located […]

3 Advantages of Camping in Your Phoenix Truck Camper

When you plan a camping trip there are many things you need to take into consideration, but if you own a Phoenix custom truck camper, things can get much easier. Here are 3 advantages of camping on a Phoenix custom made truck camper: Go Any Where your truck can go When you own a custom truck […]

Our Phoenix Truck Campers Are 100% Customizable

One of the the things I like the most of a Phoenix custom truck camper is that after a long day of outdoor adventures, there’s no need to look for a place to take a shower, eat and have a good night sleep in a very comfortable queen size bed. Since 1988, Phoenix Pop Up has […]

4 Extra Benefits For Your Health When Custom Truck Camping

Fly Fisherman

On our previous blog we talked about some health benefits when going camping on your Phoenix custom truck camper; since there are many health benefits you can acquire from camping. This is why we decided to bring you some extra health benefits while camping, so you can pack your custom pop up camper and hit the road this […]

Check Out These Amazing Pickup Trucks for Your Custom Camper

best custom camper trucks

Pickup trucks are the soul of a custom made camper. Being able to choose or having a powerful pick up truck for a custom camper gives many advantages to the owners, one of them is being able to camp in remote or difficult road access areas. American heavy duty trucks work great for this purpose. These are 3 […]

We are out of the office until May 20th – see you at Overland Expo!

Overland expo in Flagstaff

Yes, again that beautiful time of the year where we see you all at the Overland Expo West. See you in space #92, same as last year!  Right across the entrance to the Overland Driving Course. And while we’re gone…. You should take a vacation too… So Here are 5 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to […]

5 Spring Camping Tips For Your Next Outdoor Adventure 

Spring is here and it has the peculiarity that it can deliver warm, cold, and wet weather during your camping adventure on your custom truck camper. That is why we would like to give you these 5 very useful tips for camping in the spring. 1) Versatile Clothing When doing your packing make sure that you add clothing […]

6 Camping Essentials You Should Always Take With You

Going camping in the wild with your custom truck camper is one of the good things of life, and there are certain things that are very important for making that special camping adventure a complete success story. Here are 6 camping essentials you should always take to your camping trip: 1. First Aid Kit The first […]

Great Advantages Of Having A Phoenix Custom Truck Camper

Electric Lift Custom Camper

REMEMBER: Our Phoenix Pop Up office in Denver will be closed all this week At Phoenix Pop Up Campers we have been making the best custom truck campers in Colorado since 1988. During all these years we have heard many satisfied customers telling us the big advantages they had while camping with their Phoenix custom camper, […]