Why You Should Carry These Camping Items on Your next Trip

Many custom truck owners love camping while discovering the different places and cultures that this amazing planet offers. Camping in the world’s great outdoors is one of the most wonderful experiences that nature and outdoors lovers can experience, so we want to bring you 5 different camping items you should always have with you when […]

Discover The Colorado National Monument

jed and meg

Established a National Monument by President William Howard Taft in 1911, under the authority of the Antiquities Act, the Colorado National Monument’s unique rock formations create one of the most amazing and beautiful landscapes in America. It is the perfect place to go rock climbing, hiking and mountain biking this Spring in Colorado. It is also wonderful for taking some great […]

Spring Is The Best Time For Planting Trees In Colorado

Spring is the best time for planting trees in Colorado since it is not too hot or too cold. At Phoenix Pop Up Campers we love nature and our custom truck campers are specially made for discovering our wonderful planet. This is why we encourage our customers and friends to plant some trees and help […]

Design Your Camper Your Way And Hit The Road

Every single time that we build a new custom made truck camper for one of our customers, we do it with the utmost care to perfectly fit your vehicle, always trying to incorporate all the features you like to your custom camper. We have all the experience needed to create amazing things on your truck and with your […]

Go Camping To One Of The Most Amazing Geologic Landscapes

Grand Canyon National Park

At Phoenix Pop Up Campers we love to write about camping in national parks and all the great outdoor activities you can do on those places. Today we would like to talk about the Grand Canyon National Park, which is located in the Colorado Plateau in northwestern Arizona. The Grand Canyon is one of the most […]

Phoenix Pop Up Campers: A Family Owned Business

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At Phoenix Pop Up Campers we are a family owned business and we love every single thing that we do. When you decide to make your next custom made truck camper with us, we will make sure that we deliver an outstanding product to you. We don’t work with intermediaries, you deal directly with us so if […]

What Items To Add To Your First Aid Kit

First aid kits come in many shapes and sizes, but what is really important is that you have the right items for the specific activity that you are doing, in this case, camping. Here is a list of what the Red Cross recommends to include in all first aid kits: 2 absorbent compress dressings (5 x 9 […]

3 Natural Treasures To Go Truck Camping In Costa Rica

3 Natural Treasures In Costa Rica by Photographer Montserrat Antillon

Feature Image by Costa Rican Photographer Montserrat Antillon Costa Rica is a beautiful tropical country that has a perfect weather for camping in your Custom Truck Camper all year round. This small but amazing country has 51, 100 km2 and is between two oceans: the Pacific and the Atlantic. Today we want to tell you […]

5 Things To Do While Camping With Your Family

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When you decide to go family camping, it is very important that you plan some activities and things to do with your family in order to keep everyone entertained and happy. At Phoenix Pop Up Campers we would like to give you 5 ideas of what to do with them during your next camping trip. Build A […]

Great Tips To Select The Best Hiking Boots

hiking gear

One of the best things of having a Custom Truck Camper is that you can camp anywhere where your vehicle can go. That gives you the opportunity to discover great places and if you are someone who loves hiking or wants to experiment with it, then you will need to consider owning a pair of comfortable […]