Structural Integrity: Phoenix Has It

Hit By 3500 truck

Cari & Robert,   A few months ago I was side-swiped by a pickup and the only damage to my camper was the one Jack which was bent completely in but nothing else was damaged.  The camper itself had no damage and even protected my pickup from any damage thanks to how strong it was […]

November was the month of Custom Campers for Chevy’s.

There are times we have more than one camper going out in the same month for the same Make or Model of truck, this November was one of those times.. We have two amazing customers both with 2017 Chevys, each looking for their own customizations.. The white Chevy is a repeat customer many of you […]

2017 F-350 with Custom Flatbed and Camper Hit The Road to Adventure.

Another fun build for us here at Phoenix! We started with a new 2017  F-350 Chassis delivered to us by our customer. We built a custom flatbed that can be utilized with both the camper on and off. The customer asked for a headache rack and back rack along with side walls. Once that was […]

“Try it Before You Buy it” @ Teton Backcountry Rentals

Teton Backcountry Rentals in Jackson WY offers great accessories for making your outdoor adventure extraordinary without having to purchase equipment until you have tried it out first…. They have added to their great line up of rental equipment not one but two Phoenix Campers. This is not just a great opportunity to check out and […]

6 very useful tips to protect our planet while camping

Let’s Take Care of Our Planet At Phoenix Pop Up Campers we have one big passion: Mother Nature and all the beauty it provides us with! That is why we create the best custom truck campers so our customers can go and enjoy the magnificent landscapes this planet has to offer. With this in mind, […]

5 Things to Do in Colorado This Summer

hiking gear

Finally!!! Summer is here and it is time to take a little time off and join The Great Colorado Outdoors and all the fun and excitement it comes with it. Today we are going to start a series of blogs dedicated to Summer. Our first blog of this great series it’s about things to do in Colorado this […]

Health Benefits Of Custom Truck Camping

Most of the people go camping to get some rest from their daily routine, but camping is not only for outdoor lovers and adventurous enthusiasts, it also has many other advantages for you! Today we would like to give you 5 health benefits of camping in your Phoenix custom truck camper:  Socialization When you go camping with friends or family in […]

Go Custom Truck Camping to Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park photo by National Parks Service

All images of Acadia National Park are courtesy of National Park Service – Camping in Acadia National Park Many families around the world choose camping in National Parks as their first choice when planning their outdoor vacation. Having a Phoenix custom truck camper allows those families full of adventurous spirits, to travel from one […]