Colorado Floods

We would like to thank all of our customers and freinds who have sent positive thoughts, well wishes and Prayers out to us and all of our friends and neighbors out here in Colordao during this past week of crazy weather.. I want to let everyone know that we here at Phoenix Pop UP weathered […]

Amazing Colorado!

I am asked by many of our prospective customers if we deliver our campers and the answer is yes we can. I also let them know that 99% of all of our customers come out to our Beautiful state and pick up their new campers and  then enjoy the wonderful National Forests that surround us. 

Truck Camper Magazine is having a Gathering up in Greeley this weekend for all who are interested!

Denver Area TCM Gathering This Friday/Saturday at Missile Site Park –We are in Denver this week and thought it would be fun to organize an impromptu gathering of Truck Camper Magazine readers.  This Friday and Saturday, June 14th and 15th, we will be at Missile Site Park just north of Denver.  Link:

Who says you can’t fit in a pop up camper if you’re 6′ 9″?

Yes, you read it right. We were contacted by a prospective customer who asked if we could build a camper to fit his 6’9″ height in both the pop up height and bed length, and of course we answered YES! Of course we can! So we proceeded to build a Custom Pop up Camper for this […]

Camping in Colorado

Are you looking to visit great camping spots here in Colorado? Check out Family Camping in Colorado! This is a great blog that shares locations and tips about Colorado camping. Camp often, camp once in a while, or camp at least once in your life! You may just love it.

Tragedy 2012 in Aurora Colorado

Our hearts go out to all involved in the senseless tragedy that happened today in Aurora, Colorado. We want to mention the response by all of the first responders and the six hospitals and all the medical staff who jumped into action to get all patients the help needed.

Hanging Lake , another AMAZING Colorado experience…

Cari-I spent last weekend up at hanging lake with a few of my friends, it was amazing weekend. If you have not been to hanging lake you are missing out on a great hike and trip. I also spent some time in the vapor caves and hot springs in glennwood springs. All I can say is […]

Happy ST Patrick’s Day

Happy ST. Patrick’s Day!  An Irish wish for all: May your nights be filled with wonderful dreams, your days filled fulfilling those dreams and your life one big exciting ADVENTURE! Enjoy life! Go out and create something wonderful….