How to Pack Your Pop-Up Camper for Winter Camping

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What do you exactly need to consider when you’re planning an adventure camping trip in the winter? Here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself: What is the terrain like? Do you know what the road situation is? Have you planned a proper schedule for the shorter days and longer nights? What […]

Pop-Up Camper Essentials For Self-Sufficient Camping

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If you want to really and truly get away from it all on your next camping trip, you’ll want to be self-sufficient. There’s nothing quite like the experience of being completely off the grid for a few days, or weeks, at a time. It’s relaxing, enjoyable, and gives you some important and much-needed perspective. However, to […]

A Good Camping Experience is in the Details!

Avoid Missing Any Details Before Your Camping Adventure For all of us that enjoy spending some time with mother nature and go camping in the wild, it is very important to take care of the little details to make sure that our camping adventures finish as a big success story. In other words, it is […]

Things To Pack When Planning Your Next Outdoor Adventure

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There are certain items that are necessary on almost every camping trip, and today we bring you 5 of these items: Sunscreen: Protecting yourself from the sun while you are hiking or doing any other outdoor activities is very important to prevent skin cancer. First Aid Kit: Having a first aid kit available in your custom truck […]

5 Spring Camping Tips For Your Next Outdoor Adventure 

Spring is here and it has the peculiarity that it can deliver warm, cold, and wet weather during your camping adventure on your custom truck camper. That is why we would like to give you these 5 very useful tips for camping in the spring. 1) Versatile Clothing When doing your packing make sure that you add clothing […]

Prepare To Hit The Road With These Great Camping Tips

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Camping with your custom truck camper is always great, but if you are a novice in the camping field, there are some basic things you should know before you hit the road. Today we will look into 4 very basic tips before your camping trip: Food And Water We all know that human beings need […]

5 Tips To Make A Group Trip Successful

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When you go on a camping trip with a group of people there are many things that can go in a way that you didn’t expect, especially if the group is big and there are different personalities. Finding a way to manage not to kill each other is very important, hence we would like to […]

Planning Tips: Pre Winter Trips in Your Custom Truck Camper

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Pre Winter Trip Planning Do you have plans to go camping this winter with your custom truck camper? Here are Phoenix Pop Up’s Tips for Pre Winter Trip Planning. Camping in the snow has several advantages, like no bugs and no crowds, allowing you to enjoy your camping trip on a peaceful and quiet environment. But the most important […]

Very Useful Tips To Be A Good Camping Neighbor

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When you visit a campground, it is very important to maintain the peace with your fellow camping neighbors, to guarantee that your camping trip goes nice and calm. Today Phoenix Pop Up Campers would like to give you some tips on how you can be a good camping neighbor, and how to avoid any type […]