Yes, you read it right. We were contacted by a prospective customer who asked if we could build a camper to fit his 6’9″ height in both the pop up height and bed length, and of course we answered YES! Of course we can! So we proceeded to build a Custom Pop up Camper for this very nice gentleman who we had only communicated with via email and over the phone. We knew his name was Nate, he currently resides in MA and was originally from right here in CO, and that he would be happy to pick up the camper out here while spending some time seeing family and friends.

When he came to pick up his camper, Nate was happy to fit into his own camper and stand up straight without hitting his head and sleep without his feet hanging over the end of the bed. We however were excited when we realized that he is the Nate Solder, 2011 first round draft pick from CU, Offensive Tackle for the New England Patriots! Nate is truly one of the most humble down to earth people I have ever met!

We are so happy we are here to be able to fill that little niche that folks need when it comes to customizing their camper to fit their own individual needs!


Customer Camper built for Nate Solder