I had the greatest trip last December returning from Coyote RV. I camped opposite Pike’s Peak with at least 7 inches of snow on the ground. For the life of me, I could not get the heater to light. Didn’t think about ALTITUDE. could not light a Mr. Buddy heater or a Coleman Catalitic heateror a bic lighter. Crawled into my 0 degree mummy bag and went to sleep.

Next day , bought an electric ceramic heater(even though my “to take” list plainly had ceramic heater in the upper right corner of the paper it was written on. The next night was spent in a 60mph wind storm with a new 10 inch layer of snow on top of the eight inches on the ground. I was as warm as toast in my camper as I ate and rationed myself the few beers I brought
with me. That was in Los Vegas, New Mexico. Since that campground was in a valley, I easily lit the gas heater that came with the camper. I was in heaven. It was beautiful and fun.pikes-peak

I missed the correct turn and drove 35 miles on a road that was covered from one side to the other with snow and ice. Talk about “white knuckles”, I had them, but the extra weight of the
camper in my Ford Ranger pickup held to the road and had great traction. I next stopped at a campground in Oklahoma. I was the only person there. Next night I had made it to the “Grand Canyon of Texas. It was cold and clear and once again I was the only one camping there. The next night was in Arkansas and then home to Mississippi.

After getting home, I have sleep
in my camper over 200 nights in the front yard. I live out in the country so it was much like being at a forested state park with hookups. I love my camper and have had people run me down to stop me and ask about it. That trip was the best camping I have ever done(even though I was by myself) I use my camper so much at home, I have been accused of abandoning my house.
Steven Walker